Peer support can play a vital role in your sense of community and belonging, provide valuable insights and advice, and offer much-needed encouragement during challenging times.
Support networks are crucial.
In getting help, and in developing better ways to offer help.

Last year, a network of peer support representatives and practitioners from Nordic and Baltic countries came together to map and discuss peer support education, training any many other topics. We had several meetups, online and in person, where each of us gained valuable insight from sharing experiences, knowledge and materials.

Group of people from the Nordplus network
Picture from network meetup (May 2023, Pärnu, Estonia)

  • Each country has nuanced understanding of peer support, but the main principles of support work remain the same.
  • We have different training curriculum, requirements and systems/options for peer support application in public and private sector.
  • We all aim towards a common goal: qualified, valued and respected peer support, that’s accessible and acknowledged method of help.
  • We also had a common challenge, that affects getting and offering help: stigmatisation.
    Stigma around mental health topics, and also self-stigmatisation: one’s beliefs and willingness to seek support.

The network is supported for one year through Nordplus Adult programme.
Project name: “Nordic and Baltic network for Peer support workers”
Reference number: NPAD-2023/10021

Network partners
Norway: KBT Fagskole
Sweden: Nationell Samverkan för Psykisk Hälsa
Estonia: Kogemusnõustajad MTÜ
Iceland: Hlutverkasetur
Latvia: ZELDA
Lithuania: Psichikos sveikatos perspektyvos
Denmark: Peer Partnerskabet (guest)

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